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By a Staff Writer
News Items, Background Information and Items of Interest

Issue 72: June 2008
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Organisations with pharmacy connections are invited to share their news, product releases or opinions in this column.
This Month:

* Ngarukuruwala Choir from Tiwi Islands

* New Space Nutrition range


At long last, tickets for Ngarukuruwala ( Tiwi women's choir) at the Sydney Opera House on Sunday July 13 are on sale.

If you are planning on coming, please book now so that the Opera House knows Sydney wants to be there!

Tell your friends, tell everybody, forward this to the world!

This show is worth patronising if you happen to be in Sydney on that day.Sunday July 13.
The Tiwi ladies will be the talk of Sydney so if you want to be in on the talk go and see and hear for yourself.
If you cannot attend the Sydney Opera House at least go to the website at http://ngarukuruwala.org/index.htm and read and see pics of this wonderful initiative Genevieve has made happen.
It is a real contrast to the image of Tiwis as star Aussie Rules footballers - which is true - but they all have lovely Mums who are in the choir.



SPACE Mens Active Series Multivitamin

Designed to support the physiological requirements of active men, SPACE® mens multi can assist with the maintenance of optimal nutrient levels during periods of strenuous physical training.

Space Super Food

Each supercharged tablet contains a rich source of easily digestible protein and iron, essential fatty acids including the omega-6 fatty acid of gamma -linoleic acid (GLA), powerful antioxidants including alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), as well as high grade vitamins, minerals and trace elements.


SPACE Womens Active Series Multivitamin

Designed to support the physiological needs of active women, SPACE® womens multi can assist with the maintenance of optimal nutrient levels required for a strong immune system, vitality and overall wellbeing.


For more details visit site link above


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