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PSA Press Releases

Peter Waterman
The Latest from the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia

Issue 75: September 2008
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PSA News - the latest from the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia. Keep in touch with activities of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and their professional support for Australian pharmacists.
This Month:

  * Clinical Update/Pharmacy Assistant Training Day

  * PSA awards ACT's top pharmacy students

  * Pharmaceutical Society of Australia supports NDPSC decision on ibuprofen-codeine products

  * Warwick Plunkett elected as PSA President

 * Herpes virus health campaign released

Clinical Update/Pharmacy Assistant Training Day

This course promises to get you touching, feeling and using the devices that your patients use to manage their conditions. Get to grips with what your patients need to know and gain more confidence in recommending devices through this practical series of lectures. Each session will provide participants with the opportunity to handle and use a variety of devices and dressing commonly sold in pharmacy.

Topics Include:

* Hands on Devices
* Monitoring for disease state management
* Recommending correct and suitable devices
* Diabetes
* Respiratory Conditions
* Wound Management in pharmacy


* Mr. Ben Basger
* Dr Sinthia Bosnic-Anticevich
* Dr Bandana Saini


* Nowra – Worrigee House Reception Centre – Sunday 31 August
* Coffs Harbour – Pacific Bay Resort (Novotel) – Sunday 28 September 2008
* Newcastle - Quality Hotel Noah's On the Beach – Sunday 12 October 2008
* Griffith – Gemini Hotel & Function Centre – Sunday 2 November 2008

Download the registration form now to secure your place

PSA awards ACT’s top pharmacy students

 The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’s ACT Branch presented awards to two of the top students graduating from the University of Canberra’s Master of Pharmacy program at a ceremony in Canberra on July 29.

PSA ACT Branch President Gabrielle Cooper said the newly formed branch had instituted the awards to provide the same level of service for students in the ACT as they would receive in other jurisdictions.

“It’s also a great way to encourage linkages between the newly graduated students and the Society,” said Associate Professor Cooper, who is also the Head of Pharmacy at the University of Canberra.

Adam Walsh was awarded the Gold Medal for achieving the highest grade-point average across the two-year Masters program.

Professor Cooper said, “Adam is a very diligent student who balances his life with a high commitment to professional sport.

“Adam is the epitome of the type of graduate we would encourage to join the Masters program – he has high-level communication skills and a dedication to excellence in practice.”

Adam said he was “excited and honoured” to receive the award. “It was a great class so it was exciting to be at the top,” Adam said.
Adam intends working in community pharmacy in NSW’s Southern Highlands.
He entered the University of Canberra Masters course after completing a Bachelor of Science (Human Movement).

 At the award ceremony PSA Chief Executive Officer Bryan Stevens presented Belinda Riley with the Certificate for Pharmacy Practice.
Professor Cooper said this award recognised the ability to take knowledge into an applied environment in pharmacy practice.

“It is assessed on both a student’s written work and oral communication skills and takes into account feedback from external placement preceptors.”
Professor Cooper said Belinda entered the Masters program with degrees in science and nursing.
“Belinda brought with her an extensive experience of clinical work before taking on her pharmacy degree.”

 Belinda said, “I'm pleased that all my years of hard work in pharmacy have been recognised, and honoured that the PSA ACT Branch Committee decided to choose me.”
Belinda had worked for 10 years in community pharmacy while studying for her degrees.

Pharmaceutical Society of Australia supports NDPSC decision on ibuprofen-codeine products

 The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) supports the National Drugs and Poisons Schedule Committee (NDPSC) decision to maintain the current scheduling status for ibuprofen-codeine combination pain-relief products while it considers potential limits to pack sizes.
The NDPSC today publicly released the results of decisions made at its June meeting. The record of reasons can be found here: http://www.tga.health.gov.au/ndpsc/record/rr200806b.pdf

 “PSA has argued that the current status for combination ibuprofen-codeine products is appropriate as it maintains access for consumers to these useful medicines,” PSA Immediate Past President Brian Grogan said.
“It is clear that the NDPSC has given thorough consideration to the issues involved and they should be commended for their efforts,” Mr Grogan said.
“PSA will be considering the foreshadowed proposals in relation to pack sizes and providing input into the consultation process.
“We have argued that decisions such as this should weigh up the benefits for the majority of the community who use these medicines appropriately compared to the risks of misuse.

“Based on feedback from its members, PSA is aware that in some jurisdictions pockets of possible misuse of codeine-ibuprofen combination products have been observed.
“However, we believe the level of possible misuse is not regarded as widespread and, in most instances, pharmacists have been involved in providing appropriate interventions.
“Although some cases of misuse of a particular combination product – with serious health outcomes – have been published, the numbers are small and the incidents have been reported to be ‘unusual’.

“PSA is not aware of any published evidence of widespread misuse apart from newspaper articles based on anecdotal reports.
“PSA believes the decision reinforces pharmacists’ role in promoting the appropriate use of medicines.
“Community pharmacy has procedures in place to minimise misuse of these and other products and pharmacists will continue to play their part in providing guidance on appropriate use.

“PSA has been canvassing opportunities for providing education and up-to-date information to pharmacists and other pharmacy staff about possible misuse of products containing codeine.“PSA would welcome working in partnership with relevant sponsors and government to help pharmacists deliver targeted quality use of medicines messages to the public.”

 Warwick Plunkett elected as PSA President

Warwick Plunkett was elected as the new PSA President during a Board meeting held in Canberra.
Two Vice-Presidents were elected: Shane Jackson and Grant Kardachi.
The outgoing President Brian Grogan will now take up a seat on the Board in an observer’s position as Immediate Past President.

 Mr Plunkett said the major task for him would be to mould the newly unified organisation into a strong base for the future.
“My job is primarily to get us off to a solid start with strong foundations,” Mr Plunkett said.

Mr Grogan served a record term of three and a half years. He served three years as National President of the then-National Council and then as President of the Interim Board formed after the formal unification of PSA in February this year.
Mr Grogan congratulated Mr Plunkett on being elected President.
“I wish Warwick well in the next phase of development of the national PSA,” Mr Grogan said.

 “As a past National President Warwick brings to the office enormous expertise and experience in representing the profession which will drive the new national organisation forward.”

 In reflecting on his time in office, Mr Grogan said, “Of all that PSA has achieved during my term, I would have to say I am proudest of the success of the process to create a truly unified PSA.
“It took a long time and a great many issues had to be worked through, but we got it done.
“I must pay also tribute to all the PSA Transitional Authority representatives and PSA staff who worked so hard to determine the most effective way of achieving a national structure and how a new, truly national Society could function.
“I can already see benefits from the unification with PSA working to put a greater focus on providing better professional development opportunities for members as well as a stronger focus on practice support.
“Over time I can see that there will be a stronger, faster and more united response to issues affecting the profession.
“A truly national structure will greatly assist PSA in developing the skills of its members to keep pace with the changing nature of health-care provision.

“I believe that over the last three years we have also gained greater recognition from Government for the work we have completed. Earlier this year PSA’s Professional Practice Standards were recognised by the Government as the benchmark for the profession.
“I offer heartfelt thanks to my Board colleagues – and their predecessors on National Council – for all their support.

 “I must also thank all of the staff at PSA who do so much great work behind the scenes. But the people who should I thank the most are our members, who collectively make the Society what it is.”

Herpes virus health campaign released

Pharmacy Self Care, in partnership with GlaxoSmithKline has launched a special health-promotion initiative on the Herpes Virus.

Herpes viruses are second only to influenza and cold viruses as a cause of human viral disease with eight herpes virus types are known to infect humans. This health campaign is a comprehensive Herpes Virus education and training resource for pharmacists, pharmacy staff and pharmacy consumers.

The health campaign package delivered to all Self Care member pharmacies in September includes:

„ A special edition of the inPHARMation magazine;
„ An education and training storyboard;
„ A consumer information health-facts deskpad;
„ Health promotion posters; and
„ An evaluation questionnaire.

Self Care member pharmacies can also access all of the package’s materials online through the PSC ‘members only’ website at www.psa.org.au/psc
For further information contact the Pharmacy Self Care Communications Coordinator, Sue Lovett at PSA National Office on (02) 6283 4724.
Further resources
Images of the campaign materials are available on request.

Pharmacy Self Care is a professional program of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia
For further information contact the Pharmacy Self Care Communications Coordinator, Sue Lovett at PSA National Office on (02) 6283 4724.
Aaron Hall, Public Affairs Manager
Pharmaceutical Society of Australia
Ph: (02) 6283 4782
Mob: 0402 756 835

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