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From the desk of the editor
Introducing current ideas, perspectives and issues, to the profession of pharmacy

Issue 76: October 2008
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Welcome to the October edition of i2P and we do have a good range of high impact articles for your enjoyment this month.

Rollo Manning has some comment on a media item discussing the lack of ADR reporting, a comment on Medicine Australia’s accountability for expenditure on doctor social events and a warning about deregulation moving forward with the Rudd government.

There is also a part-philosophical article on the moral responsibility of owning a pharmacy and investing in pharmacist professional development.

Con Berbatis has a forward-reaching article on climate change and how it will affect pharmacy. Has official forward planning commenced yet?

Neil Retallick and Karalyn Huxhagen report on what seems to have been one of the best pharmacy management conferences yet.
Each year they improve and they now attract quality speakers and a discerning audience. Maybe you should book now for next year.

Garry Boyd has an interesting slant on robotics, and yes, he would like to take pharmacists off their robotic treadmill and replace this uninteresting work with robotic machines.

Pat Gallagher provides a humorous report on the state of e-health (or the lack of it), while Loretta Marron takes a swipe at the practice of “ear candling” with wit and humour at this practice.

Trevor Bamford is back with us after a hiatus brought on by the Pan Pharmaceuticals vitamin recall. Trevor comes from the health food industry and he talks about the aftermath of this disastrous event.

Dr Andrew Byrne reports on methadone treatment of prisoners in the US and reflects on just how far behind US health strategies are behind Australia’s. This occurs in more than one stream of health activity and Australia can be well proud of most of its homegrown initiatives.

Steven Carbonara talks about RMMR payments, Hugh Mackay talks about bouncing back from deflating times and Ken Stafford reflects on pharmacy direction and medication reviews.

Barry Urquhart weighs in with some marketing and management advice, Chris Wright talks about professional care and his personal experience in not receiving it, David More talks about the PGA initiative to deliver e-prescriptions, and Andrew Bryant reflects on “degree inflation”.

We have published bit later than we normally do, simply because of the increase in volume of quality material.
So enjoy the month as you work your way through i2P in October.

Neil Johnston
October 2006



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