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The "Best Ever" Conference for 2008

Karalyn Huxhagen
A Queensland PSA Councilor Perspective

Issue 76: October 2008
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The Pharmacy 2008 Pharmacy Management Conference was held in Cairns from 3-6 September 2008. The conference is hosted by AFSPA (Australian Friendly Society Pharmacy Association) but is open to all pharmacists, industry and pharmacy assistants.
Once again the conference was a well oiled operation chaired by Jim Howard and overseen by Master of Ceremonies Lynne McLennan.

Dr Norman Swann posed the question “Can Pharmacies reconcile evidence based practice with the retail imperative?” a touchy subject that raised questions and comments.
Michael Morrison took us on a journey of ‘emotional branding’ – smelling, feeling and experiencing your retail environment.
During the first afternoon we savoured an empowering presentation from Richard Malouf and Stuart McBrien that left you breathless with the boundless energy and enthusiasm of this wonderful retail pharmacist.

Day two saw a presentation from some one with enough nervous energy and go go juice to make you believe that ‘going organic’ must be good for you.
Pierce Cody led us on the path he took from selling billboards to running Macro WholeFoods Market.
We then discussed the pros and cons of automated dispensing machines-how much does automation save you in labour and space?

Day three discussed the issues of whether to stay independent or join a group or even how to build your own banner group.
This day also saw a focus on retailing with a presentation on ‘walking your store’.

The conference is not the largest on the circuit but for any pharmacist looking to gain some insight into the areas of management, retailing and effective business solutions, but this is definitely a conference to consider and your calendar should be marked accordingly.

Action photographs

Left side:
From Willach Heis...Albert Juenger (back left) 
From AFS Friendly Care Mackay..... Karalyn Huxhagen (back right)
From Janesce.... Kristen Jelk (front left) Angela El-Helou (front right)
Right side:
Freshwater Station..delegates enjoying themselves and networking on the station

Left Side:
The Tanks Art Centre, Cairns. An amazing venue! The converted WW11 Oil Tanks provided the inspiration for the '40's Theme which included the Andrews Sisters Tribute Band from Brisbane.
Pictured are Cherryn Lomas, Christine Bowden, Rachel Taylor
Right Side:
All aboard at Freshwater Station

Left Side:
Michael Franciscus from Fullife Pharmacy, Hocking W.A
Steven Leggat from Frienlies, Wanneroo W.A
Right Side:
Chairman Jim Howard opening the Pharmacy 2008 Management Conference

Left Side:
Networking at historic Freshwater Station, delegates relax after a full day of presentations.
Right Side:
Alison Gurr, Merchandise Manager, National Pharmacies and Nick Krogh the national Pharmacy Manager for L'Oreal, at the Welcome Reception Cairns International.

Left Side:
From Tumbarumba Pharmacy...Espie and Sylvia Watt (left)
From Masters Avenue Pharmacy, Hamilton...Isaac Niemand and Elmarie Niemand
Right Side:
Michael Morrison engaging the audience with his presentation on "The power of emotional branding....

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