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From the desk of the editor
Introducing current ideas, perspectives and issues, to the profession of pharmacy

Issue 77: November 2008
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Welcome to the November edition of i2P (Information to Pharmacists).
Well it looks like a shoot out is looming at the O.K Corral in the near future.
Lloyd Sansom fired the first bullet at the recent PAC Conference where he stated that community pharmacy is not ready to join the Primary Health Care Ranks, even though Minister Roxon is keen to have pharmacy on board.
With professional services taking more of centre stage, one would have thought that the PSA would be thrust to the forefront through solid PGA and government, financial and political support.

It will not immediately happen and to force the issue will require a more aggressive PSA, a variety of funding sources and strong backing by Minister Roxon.
We point you to the articles titled Pharma-Goss, Mirixing the Pot- Professor Lloyd Sansom & others, Can Professional Services and Chemist Shops co-exist? And Pharmacy must Change to meet Future Challenges.
These articles all cover aspects of pharmacy preparedness
I guess you could say that the time for fooling around has now ended, and pharmacy has 12 months to get its settings straight before negotiations for a new Agreement are completed.
And 2010 may still hold the bogey for a range of deregulation issues.

The PGA is pivotal in resolving what is best for pharmacy, and it is not necessarily what the PGA currently proposes or the way it will go about it.
Watch this space.

The credit crisis has been partially covered in articles by Trevor Bamford, Barry Urquhart and Pat Gallagher. While it is serious on a global scale, Australia seems reasonably insulated except for a few pockets of poor liquidity in some of the financial institutions, with shareholders also taking a hit on the Stock Exchange.
Some pharmacies are demonstrating some liquidity problems but nothing too extreme for the moment. Hopefully, there willbe an upturn over the next 12 months.

Some specialty items include Intellectual Property by Garry Boyd, an article on “branding” by Neil Retallick, Accupuncture from our resident skeptic Loretta Marron, a pharmacy workforce issue from Andrew Bryant, Residential Care from Chris Wright, Indigenous Health by Rollo Manning, the cocept of Safe Havens from Harvey Mackay, an adverse report discounted by Dr Andrew Byrne (regarding methadone), and the never ending story of NEHTA still wasting money.

We also point you to all the regular industry columns and press releases. These pages are beginning to become quite “weighty” in content, and worth following through.

There is some very solid material in this edition, and you have a full month to absorb it.
And by the way, we encourage you to share i2P information with your colleagues.
Why not ask them to sign up for a subscription, or put an RSS feed reader on the desktop through the software download below.

Neil Johnston
November 2008

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