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The Silly Season is Upon us……Again.

Chris Wright
Dispensary Systems Perspective

Issue 78: December 2008
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Phew, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?
The clock has turned full circle and everybody is frantically preparing for Christmas, whether or not they observe it as a religious period.
This writer has never quite understood what the fuss is all about, being resolutely agnostic.
By “fuss” I mean that we seem so pre-occupied with the commercialisation of Christmas and of course the accompanying frivolity of the associated parties the meaning sort of slips away……….so, why bother with all the partying, I wonder?

The time honoured tradition of enjoying roast turkey (I understand some people do like turkey) is fast disappearing in favour of cold meats and seafood.
Or, barbeques are now considered de rigeur on Christmas day………after all, a roast dinner on a 38 degree day is never fun.
The southern hemisphere is most unkind to Christians.

If the good old roast has been laid to rest at least us brave Alpha males can rest easy and not have to cajole and placate the mother of our children as she wrestles (often hysterically) with the task of playing host to a houseful of cousins that turn up each year without any beer.
Hey, get them all outside, give them a warm beer and burn the lamb chops……….they’ll all go home soon enough!

It should be a day of enjoying the company of friends and family, and of course for many, reflecting on the birth of Jesus.
Sadly, it often turns into a stress-fest of acrimony, simply because poor old Mum has been hit with a mammoth task.
Could somebody pour a large chardonnay for the nice lady in the kitchen, please?

Mrs Wright is never her best on Christmas day………….
.Have you got everything?
Will we be late?
What time is it?
Are you ready?
Oh, come on, surely you’re not wearing THAT?
Do I look alright?
What time is it?

“Sweetheart, you just asked me that”….”I DID NOT!”
And the list and drama continues without mercy.

I always do my best to fit in and play my part in managing her stress level, but being preoccupied with contemplating the field settings for the following day at the MCG places me at a distinct domestic disadvantage.
It’s just so hard to “multi-skill” when worrying about who will carry the drinks, either on Christmas day or Boxing day.

See, you blokes, it’s not just you.

Before the family thing, we have a couple of important traditions.

We call close friends, who happen to be Jewish, in another State for a chat.
Why do this on Christmas day, you may ask?
Well, for all the obvious reasons, of course, but we also manage to swap a few jokes and have a laugh….. after all, I am of Irish heritage, and besides, have you ever met a Jew without a sense of humour?

We also meet up with a small group of friends for coffee at our usual haunt.
Traditionally, one young fellow in particular dresses up as Santa, complete with flowing white beard and furiously ringing bell.
He speaks to everybody and wishes them a Merry Christmas.
So popular has he become that adults and children alike go out of their way to stop and say hi to him, for underneath his Santa gear they all know him well.
What makes this a precious part of our Christmas Day is that he is a Muslim.

Yes, Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, for all sorts of reasons.

Best wishes for the season, and if you are imbibing with unabashed joy over the silly season make sure you rip into something drinkable, not cleanskins with a petrol type nuance currently being dumped on us poor unsuspecting aficionado’s.

Merry Christmas, and stay safe.

Chris Wright
December 2008.



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