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PSA Press Releases

Peter Waterman
The Latest from the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia

Issue 79: February 2009
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PSA News - the latest from the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia. Keep in touch with activities of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and their professional support for Australian pharmacists.
This Month:

 * Call for Pharmacy Research Trust of NSW applications

 * 2008 NSW Intern of the Year

 * PSA 2008 Annual Pharmacy Dinner



Call for Pharmacy Research Trust of NSW applications

Applications are being sought for grants through the Pharmacy Research Trust of NSW for 2009.

Applications can be sought under two categories - research and seed funding.

Research project grants may include requests for research maintenance/personnel or scholarships for post-graduate students.

Seed funding is available for new investigators and researchers of fewer than three years standing. Seed-funded projects should be capable of leading to sufficient results to enable subsequent applications for funding to larger granting bodies. All research projects will have a maximum duration of two years.

All post-graduate scholarships will have a duration of three years (PhD) or two years (Masters), with a possibility of extension for a further six months for PhD scholarships.

Research awards may be granted up to $20,000 a year for research projects and $19,000 a year for post-graduate scholarships. Seed projects may be awarded funds up to $10,000 a year.

The Trust promotes, fosters develops and assists in all furthering research and post-graduate education in all areas of pharmacy. The research or post-graduate education needs to relate to research into the causes, prevention or cure of disease in human beings, animals or plants.

Applications close 13 February 2009, so for further information and an application form, visit the NSW Branch section of the PSA website, www.psa.org.au.

2008 NSW Intern of the Year

The Saccasan Bailey NSW 2008 Pharmacy Intern of the Year Award has been awarded to Fiona Taylor from the West Gosford Pharmacy for her dedication, passion and “down to earth” approach.

The Saccasan Bailey NSW 2008 Pharmacy Intern of the Year Award recognises the achievements of interns who have demonstrated outstanding skills in the supervised registration training year.

It identifies those who are striving to raise standards and who, through their professionalism, provide a model of practice standards.

The three finalists in 2008 - Tom Corte from Village Pharmacy in Greenwich, Fiona Taylor from West Gosford Pharmacy, and Clare Watts from Shoalhaven Amcal Pharmacy in Nowra - represented interns from The University of Sydney and The University of Newcastle, and all worked in community pharmacy.

Ms Taylor’s award was announced at the PSA Pharmacy Annual Dinner at the Waterview Convention Centre, Homebush Bay, on 10th December 2008.

Judges said the selection of the winner was a difficult task as all the candidates were exceptional and had very diverse and particular skills which they adapted to suit the pharmacy and community they served.

Ms Taylor was chosen because of her dedication and passion for the role as a pharmacist, as well as her down to earth attitude and attributes which are essential in a profession that works so closely with the community.

Her preceptor, Trent Playford (a previous Intern of the Year winner), stated in his nomination that: “Fiona shows a willingness to go above and beyond the normal expectations which is typical of her attitude towards work”.

The Pharmacy Graduate Training Course has provided a very extensive and comprehensive program for interns utilising a variety of learning activities to address the competencies required for registration.

It incorporates a challenging assignment and on-line learning, a community forum, small group workshops covering numerous topics, a conference style weekend seminar including experiential workshops that provide graduates with hands on experiences in areas of pharmacy not available in their particular workplaces e.g. nursing home services and pharmacotherapies, and projects in comprehensive pharmaceutical care and public health education.

Preceptors are also more involved and are given more direction for assessing interns in the workplace. Interns also receive a portfolio of activities which cover all the essential learning experiences in order to practice independently as a pharmacist. The feedback has been very positive, particularly for the workshop activities.

PSA congratulates all interns who have worked so hard in their supervised registration year and who achieved professional standards of practice which will move the profession forward and provide a vital level of health care for the community.

Saccasan Bailey Partners are the principal sponsor of the Pharmacy Intern of the Year Award and contribute the major prize of $2000 to the winner, to be used towards attendance at a major Australian conference. All finalists received a certificate and prizes from The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, AUSDI, MIMS and AMH.

Photo caption: From left Diana Bicopoulos (Aus DI), Clare Watts (finalist), Fiona Taylor (Winner), Dinah Graham (MIMS), Tom Corte (finalist),and Kim Sadler (Saccasan Bailey, principle sponsor).

PSA 2008 Annual Pharmacy Dinner

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia NSW Branch held its 2008 Annual Pharmacy Dinner on 10 December 2008 at the Waterview Convention Centre, Homebush Bay.

The Society’s special guest for the night was the NSW Deputy Opposition Leader and Shadow Minister for Health, Mrs Jillian Skinner.

In her address, Mrs Skinner praised the role of pharmacy as an integral part of the healthcare team.

Mrs Skinner also acknowledged and welcomed the efforts of the PSA in supporting pharmacists and pharmacy assistants to meet their ongoing professional development through expanded use of technology, in addition to other mechanisms.

NSW Branch President, Mr Peter Gissing, also spoke at the dinner, noting the many developments over the course of the year, most notably the unification of the PSA.

“Drawing together the combined knowledge, expertise, commitment, passion and resources of six separate entities, our unified PSA has the wherewithal to provide the entire pharmacy profession with a clear, coherent and cogent voice which has never been more important in our dealings with Government and other stakeholders including of course the public which we serve,” he said.

In 2008, the NSW Branch of the Society offered more than 150 events, attracting more than 7000 participants.



An updated comprehensive guide on how to find good-quality drug and medical information on the internet and in written resources has been published by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia.

This third edition of the guide, Drug Information, includes a section on medical writing which has information on tailoring writing for different audiences.

Written by Rosalind Tindale, who has worked at the NSW Medicines Information Centre as a Drug Information Specialist, the guide is presented on a CD and has been designed as an electronic book which can be used with minimal navigation requirements or skills.

Links are provided in the text to direct the user to search engines and websites along with written information on how to find the information required.

The Chief Executive Officer of the PSA, Bryan Stevens, said one of the target audiences for the guide was pharmacists who were new to using the internet and computers and who may not know where to find quality up-to-date information in this medium.

“This resource is in an easy-to-use format which assists pharmacists using it to become more familiar with computers while helping interested pharmacists to gain valuable searching skills,” Mr Stevens said.

“Pharmacists who have a relatively good grasp of internet searches can use this resource to expand their current searching capacity to maximise the quality of information retrieved.

Mr Stevens said the section on medical writing was of significant value to accredited pharmacists as a guide to their report-writing for the GP.

“Drug Information is a very useful and timely guide on how to find quality information quickly and specifically. It is relevant to community pharmacists, accredited pharmacists, hospital pharmacists and pharmacists working in professional organizations,” he said.

The guide is available through PSA books at books@psa.org.au or Fax (02) 6285 2869 or online through Bookzone in the member-only section at www.psa.org.au. Member price: $45, non-members: $58.50

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