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- Issue 81: April 2009
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From the desk of the editor
Introducing current ideas, perspectives and issues, to the profession of pharmacy

Issue 81: April 2009
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Welcome to the April edition of i2P (Information to Pharmacists) E-Magazine.
And it would appear that momentum is building on the pharmacy front with the pending release of PGA systems and program information, using the APP Conference as the delivery vehicle, early in April.
With all the hype surrounding this event (including the stated threat to remove undesirable attendees, even if they match the eligibility criteria to attend) one could be excused for thinking that there is a hidden agenda under way.
Some big issues (for the PGA) include the launch of eRx and its competitor, Medisecure, e.prescription exchanges and the Mirixa system.
There is a lot riding on the successful launch of these systems in terms of PGA future revenue and tension is building accordingly.

However, I think the really big issue is the relatively low key announcement that a Memorandum of Understanding has now been signed between the PGA and the “Friendly” pharmacies creating a sense of pharmacy unity in preparation for the years ahead, post 2010.
Neil Retallick has written an article describing this event and an expansion of what that may open up in terms of pharmacy growth, has been written by the editor.
John Dunlop has written an excellent article on selling vs prescribing. New Zealand is having similar problems with pharmacists being overlooked in primary health care programs.
He has an interesting perspective on that problem.
We also have a range of Pharmedia commentaries:
* Climate change and its effect on health (Con Berbatis). I2P is well up with the latest hers
* The Skeptics letter (Gerard McInerney) – one that all pharmacists should read and address.
* Prescription advertising (Stephen Carbonara) – i2P opposes this activity in line with the Victorian Pharmacy Board.
* The APPC threat to remove undesirables (Karalyn Huxhagen) – we couldn’t let this classic example of siege mentality escape without comment.

Pharma-Goss, the news behind the news column by Rollo Manning features once more, as well as his article on Indigenous Health. Karalyn Huxhagen also has an article on QMAX, a Queensland indigenous health initiative and she has some questions relating to serious deficiencies in this program.

Pat Gallagher gives his perspective on the e.script warfare breaking out against a background of usurping territory that is the province of government, and using systems that are not standards compliant.
This will prove to be an interesting venture and PGA has the potential to lose a lot of money and political capital as it becomes engrossed in mounting its assault on the health IT players.
Loretta Marron describes an interesting foray into the world of cancer quackery and unprofessional naturopaths involved in this activity.
Loretta was so dedicated in exposing this problem she actually went undercover, aided by a TV journalist. Read her article with interest.
Garry Boyd has an article querying whether the PBS will survive in its current format, and Chris Wright has a tilt at the banning of undesirables from the APPC.
Harvey Mackay focuses this month on some old fashioned business values viz truth in business. Trust and truth, as measured by consumers, has suffered severely in this current credit crisis.
More so in the US where we see failed executives in the failed companies that spearheaded the financial crash, still there with their hands out for “golden parachutes” totalling millions of dollars.
David More looks at national e-health through a recent combined briefing from NEHTA and the DoHA and concludes that nothing is happening, despite all the dramas going on in the IT world.

Mark Nuenschwander, our international expert on bar coding within healthcare describes an incident regarding his wife in hospital. You be the judge of how rewarding that experience would have been.

Barry Urquhart has a good marketing article this month illustrating suggestions on how to be different in your market offering so as to stand out from the crowd.

And finally, Dr Andrew Byrne weighs in with a clinical review in his specialty of opiate dependence and harm minimisation.

The April edition is larger than normal, covering many perspectives in Australian and international pharmacy activities.
It has been produced against a backdrop of developing a new home for i2P, so production has been a bit more intensive this month.
We are hopeful it will be eventually worth the effort.
Enjoy your read.

Neil Johnston
April 2009

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