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Gentlemen, Please………….Time Out!

Chris Wright
Dispensary Systems Perspective

Issue 81: April 2009
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No doubt Charlie Benrimoj hit a nerve the size of the cricket ball when he belted for six through the front window of the PGA recently, as he delivered a stinging condemnation during the Neil Naismith Commemorative Lecture.
As Karalyn Huxhagen commented; “He only said what many are thinking”.
I accept that the PGA money factory is well capable of employing the best expertise in their quest to secure a favorable agreement.
However, that is no excuse to restrict the PSA, who are more than capable of making an intellectual contribution, despite the fact they don’t have two bob to rub together.
And while there has been a declared “clarification” by the PSA, fallout is still occurring.

One reaction of the PGA has been nothing short of astonishing.
Those wishing to attend the APP Conference must now be of suitable character, or, according to the PGA executive a person deemed to be “fit” enough to enjoy their esteemed company.
Otherwise admission to the conference will be refused, and .I’m not sure about the “fit” criteria, as I managed to get in a couple of years ago.
And no, I wasn’t wearing a balaclava!

Yes, I think we can all see a 150 kg gentlemen dressed in black wearing a numbered badge to announce his authority, wrestling the obviously dangerous Professor Benrimoj to the ground so as to prevent his entry to the conference.
Perhaps the good professor can enlist the services of John “Woosha” Worsfold, a pharmacist well-known for his less than patient behavior when dealing with those that have upset his tolerance radar on the football field of battle.

The following nasty little rider on the APP website is a sad demonstration of abuse of power and has no place at APP or any other conference for that matter.
This is an attitude Robert Mugabe has a pathological affection for.

I mean, who dreamt this up?

• Community pharmacists
• Hospital pharmacists
• Accredited pharmacists
• Pharmacy assistants
• Students and new graduates
• Pharmacy industry service providers
• Educators
• Government officials and representatives
• Pharmacy trade press
• Other pharmaceutical and health-related industry professionals”

No problem with the list of attendees, but........

“The Guild reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone it sees fit,
including individuals who satisfy the above criteria.
This can occur without notice. In the event this is required a refund of the registration fee will be facilitated.”

The first question on the registration page asks for the name of the person registering.
A little cost exercise reveals the following; (ex Melbourne, which is reasonable)

APP Registration……………………………..$ 650.00
AACP Accredited Pharmacist Forum………..$ 295.00
Suitable Accommodation…………………….$1160.00
Air Fares……………………………………...$ 320.00
Miscellaneous………………………………...$ 300.00


I’m wondering what happens if a so called undesirable is denied entry in front of several colleagues and friends?
And are all the costs of getting there refunded?
Ohh, the humiliation!

Lawyer, Lawyer, where art thou, Lawyer?

After accepting monies from an apparently dreadfully unfit person it seems the PGA is not prepared to fulfill the contract in at least one instance.
I wonder just how many of these undesirable people are lurking.
The PGA just may have a case in denying somebody entry if some sort of a transgression occurred in the time between booking (and of course paying for the privilege) the conference and entering the field of battle.

But I doubt it.

So, $2725.00 is likely to have to be partly reimbursed to an unfortunate soul who is slam dunked in view of all to witness.
The next question of course is general damages.

Hmmm, I’d think about this one fellas’.

Chris Wright.

April 2009.


The person known as Chris Wright is neither lawyer nor pharmacist, so comments provided are with not a small amount of “tongue in cheek”. Also, whilst John Worsfold remains a great servant of the West Coast Eagles the writer is unaware of any reference to him acting as a “body guard” in an environment other than a football ground.



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