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Old Issues - New Approaches

Stephen Rogers
Community Pharmacist Aged Care Perspective

Issue 33: December 2004
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Many Pharmacists around Australia have had the opportunity to meet recently with Michael Tachell and Bill Scott, following a Pharmacy Guild initiative.
Our opinions regarding the NHS and the HIC were sought to provide constructive criticism on how the NHS might better serve the Australian citizen.

The Guild, in its negotiations for the Fourth Pharmacy Agreement with the Government, will speak with greater authority for it's membership after this.
The biggie that Aged Care providers felt strongly about was the use of Medication Charts instead of prescriptions and monthly claims based on usage (allowing for multidose medication changes during the month).
That eliminates sending scripts out for signing (and their loss), owing prescriptions and annoying Doctors with script requests.
By this one change alone it would free up time for Doctors, free up Pharmacy staff currently paper shuffling and also save time and money for the Government.


Legions of HIC staff currently checking paper claims would be redeployed and minimal staff auditing Medication Charts at Aged Care sites would be needed.
With lateral thinking, Homes could provide monthly Med. Charts directly to the HIC to serve to audit Pharmacist's work.
Many Homes and/or their Pharmacists have electronic Med. Charts already.

Sure, Pharmacists might forgo a dispensing fee in dispensing in monthly amounts (one 30 Temaze instead of two scripts of 25), but this would even out (30, 60 or 90 Slow K instead of a 200, for instance).
For the HIC there would be less wastage (that same Slow K patient ceased during the month, saving say 170 of a 200 script).
Many other issues were addressed and I look forward to a demonstration that the HIC's focus is forward and is not driving peering into the rear view mirror!

To all i2P readers, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Steve Rogers
Community Pharmacist specialising in Aged Care service.

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