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PSA Press Releases

Hugo Pinniger
The Latest from the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (NSW Branch)

Issue 39: July 2005
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Clinical Pharmacy Exposition &
Pharmacy Trade Fair June 2005

More than 2500 pharmacist, students and pharmacy staff attended the Clinical Pharmacy Expo and Trade Fair 2005

The view from above the expo

· Pharmaceutical Society, Pharmacy Guild and Society of Hospital Pharmacists worked together to present the best attended Education cum Trade Show activity yet arranged for pharmacists and their support staff in Australia.
· It was a wonderful example of what can be achieved when the different sectors within the profession work together.
· The combination of the two major events and the switch to Darling Harbour provided the organisers of the Expo an opportunity to correct some of the problems experienced last year due to space restrictions.
· The concept of holding the professional educational presentations in the same area as the industrial stands kept all participants (Pharmacists, support staff and industrial representatives) in close proximity to each other and therefore encouraged good communication.
· The event attracted pharmacists from new Zealand and Singapore as well as from every state and territory within Australia
· Sponsoring and exhibiting companies indicated their delight with the format as they were kept busy throughout the time of the activity talking with pharmacists and support staff.
o delegates actually seemed " interested in learning how things work, rather that just how much they cost.
o I haven’t stoped talking all day.
o So many delegates are wanting to know how (our product) works
· This was not an event for staff to tour stands to collect give always and gimmicks but to gather information on
o the correct/best/most effective use of medications,
o tools and services which are available to assist pharmacists practice more effectively
o the organisations and companies which provide support & assistance to the pharmacy profession.

Deborah, Roxene & Simone - all smiles

§ The five educational streams provided topics of interest to all. Support staff were particularly interests in the Nutrition, Complementary Medicines and Counter Prescribing streams, while the ever popular New Drugs attracted a lot of interest from pharmacists.

§ Affiliate members of the Society gained sufficient CE points to maintain their membership for another year

§ The interest in the Pathology & Medication Management stream indicated that more & more pharmacists are recognising the need to enhance their competency in this area so they can better deliver many of the new cognitive services.

§ Pharmacists particularly appreciated the 20 to 30 minute presentations as they felt this enabled them to maintain their attention for the whole presentation and they could then stretch their legs while talking with colleagues or at the stands before participating in another presentation.

"There is so much choice, I just love the format" commented one pharmacist

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