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By a Staff Writer
News Items, Background Information and Items of Interest

Issue 65: October 2007
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Press releases from the Pharmaceutical Industry.
Drug manufacturers, service providers and other suppliers to pharmacy are invited to post their latest information in this column.

This Month:
Therapeutic Guidelines: Analgesic, Version 5, 2007


Therapeutic Guidelines Releases Updated Reference


Version 5, 2007

The complexities of the entire pain spectrum have been considered from the pathophysiological, psychosocial and management aspects, allowing for considerably expanded insights into the numerous clinical challenges of pain and its treatment.

Analgesic 5 provides an invaluable guide to the problems of pain as commonly seen in community practice.

 Key improvements

  • Acute and chronic pain — a wider coverage of the differences in clinical presentation, pathophysiology, and approaches to management
  • Interventional approaches to pain management
  • Psychological aspects of pain management—including fuller discussion of the basics of cognitive behaviour therapy
  • The pain clinic—new content added
  • Obstetric pain—completely rewritten
  • Getting to know your drugs
  • Routes and regimens for analgesic and adjuvant administration
  • Special considerations of pain in older people
  • Pain in children

Analgesic 5 will be available in book format in October, and electronically in eTG complete and miniTG in the November update. The complete listing of contents of the new version will be available on the website by late September/early October.

Contact Therapeutic Guidelines Limited Freecall 1800 061 260 (Australia) or +61 3 9329 1566 orEmail: sales@tg.com.au or www.tg.com.au


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