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Karalyn Huxhagen

A Queensland PSA Councilor Perspective

Managing pcist of AFS Pharmacies Mackay which has two large pharmacies and a stand alone home health unit. business is currently constructing a new 'super pharmacy of about 600 sq metres plus a large retail complex with Drs and other professionals .

current staff of 60 people which includes 5 permanent and 2 causal pcists with varieties of backgrounds plus two naturopaths-4 of us are accredited and we have a large HMR and RMMR business. My major area of work is with the RACF's and I spend the majority of my week controlling our large nursing home business-we also supply to a private hospital, coal mines and the international shipping industry and I can be found at times hanging over a heaving deck from a crane to perform a medicine chest inspection -the last one was in a 30 knot gale while the Premier looked on in disbelief!!

mother of two girls -12 and 14yrs old-married to Ron (I am a 2nd wife so I try to not make the same mistakes as the first as he puts up with all my travel and long hours away)-Ron is a house husband and small business owner of an emergency breakdown service for industry. Ron is an insane Victorian and loves to fly hangliders and trikes and ride motorbikes and dive etc so does not live in Vic where it is too cold for all of his hobbies.

I am Mackay born and bred and have spent nearly all my life in Nth Qld except for 3 yrs in Bris at UQ and a brief journey to Longreach. Ron and I have discussed owning our own phcy but have decided that me managing and him being house husband suits his lifestyle better!!

I am a PSA National councillor as well as Qld councillor and I sit on two prescribing committees for NPS as well as a multitude of other appointments. I represent PSA on the Rural and Remote workforce development program and regional and rural issues in phcy is my passion

I was a Queens Guide and have travelled extensively with my girl guiding but have retired to be a mother to my own children-I was a leadership guru for GG's in the areas of lightweight camping and canoeing and have scared myself witless on many mountains and rivers from here to southern Mexico. the only thing that has scared me more was child birth.
I love being a community pcist and trained in the years when we did our own compounding and still made cough mixtures to suit our customers-this new era of 'Compounding chemists' fascinates me.

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