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Mark Neuenschwander

From a Point-of-Care Perspective

Mark Neuenschwander has earned his reputation as one of the nations' leading authorities on dispensing and point of administration automation. Whether writing, lecturing or problem solving with a client, Mark communicates in terms and concepts that are easy to grasp and apply. His fresh perspective and keen insight stem from having invested thousands of hours in research and in-depth consulting with clients.
The Neuenschwander Company was formed in 1993, when the automated drug dispensing industry began its rapid growth. As Mark Neuenschwander began researching this virile field, he discovered that pharmacists, nurses and hospital administrators lacked the time an budget for doing the homework necessary fro evaluating the emerging systems they were responsible for acquiring and implementing.

This led to further study. Soon he discovered there was no independent, unbiased entity that disseminated the information crucial for good decision making. Early in 1994, under the banner of Hospital Reports, the first edition of what has become The Neuenschwander Reports was published. Today, these reports are utilized by hundreds of healthcare decision makers throughout the US and Canada, as well as overseas in Europe, Asia and Australia.

The Companyís focus has expanded to include expertise related to other medication-use technologies, including barcode point of administration systems, intelligent infusion pumps and community pharmacy automation.

In addition to publishing reports, The Neuenschwander Company offers consulting services, lectures and seminars.

The Neuenschwander Company...when you need to know about medication-use automation.ô

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